Monday, August 24, 2009

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When Tony Pena predicted his Royals would win the division and then lost 100 games; that was a terrible prediction. When Jon Kitna said his Lions would win 10 games in 2007, went 7-9, predicted 10 wins again in 2008, and went 0-16; he didn't exaclty conjure up any shades of Nostradamus. But those predictions seemed like locks compared to the one made here on this site. Hold your breath for a minute because you can choke from the smell of dumb coming from this next sentence.

"Yes, this year he has AP, but so would have whoever won the Vikings QB battle, my money would have been on the sleeper John David Booty. The Vikings will make the playoffs with or without Brett"

First off, to think that freakin John David Booty is going to start is some wild stuff. Especially when you consider his name hasn't even been mentioned when the two guys above him are SAGE ROSENFELS and TARVARIS JACKSON. Then when you look at this sentence again, you realize he believes that John David Booty is a playoff quarterback. When you can't even make the discussion to compete for a job with guys named Sage and Tarvaris, its probably a safe bet you aren't gonna do much this season.

I guess I'll answer the question anyway though. Actually there are two different questions on the board. The first being which was the better football move, Vick or Favre. No brainer. Favre easy. Without Favre, the Vikes would be lacking a great deal of balance. Teams would stack the line without risk against AP. Look what happened to Larry Johnson over the past few years. He has had just garbage under center since his breakout year when he was just a horse. Since then, injuries and garbage. But I guess since some people think that Minnesota was stacked at quarterback before Favre with John David Booty, that would make Vick the better move.

A move that will bring little more than distraction, the Vick signing seems more of a favor to Tony Dungy than a football move at all. If you're an Eagles fan, why would you want a guy who hasn't played football in 2 years to take snaps away from a guy who is probably bound for the Hall of Fame? He has never played wide receiver, so rule that out. (Look how long it took Devin Hester, a guy like Vick in that he "just makes plays", to become a good receiver) And McNabb said the wildcat is nothing but a flash in the pan that he doesn't believe the Eagles will use. So what's left? Returning punts?

A different question that is asked is which will end in a better season. The Eagles started out with the better football team before either of these moves. I think that Minnesota has the slightly better team now, however. Both defenses are very good, so we'll call that a wash. The difference will be Brett Favre. Last year, in New York, Brett was tired halfway through the season. He played excellent the first half of the season, but by the time that the end of the season had rolled around, he had thrown too many balls. The Vikings will be smart this year in that they can keep Brett's attempts lower in the beginning of the season because they know Peterson is still the workhorse of this team. Brett will be ready mentally and physically when his favorite time of the year rolls around this time.

Something else that got my attention was the statement that all high school athletes should go to college. Not all athletes need to go to college. If a kid comes out of high school and makes just a million during his first year, that's like making $50,000 a year for 20 years. Why risk that?

The next issue I have is with the Benny the Jet comment. To suggest that he is in the same realm as Chitwood or Hobbs is all kinds of dumb. One of the reasons...he teaches Smalls to catch. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that sounds like coaching. Stan van Gundy - you could make the argument that he's a good coach, but this man is no athlete. Another reason is that he outruns a dog. But judging by the 1:10 mark of the
trailer, this dog weighs roughly 800 pounds. And you really shouldn't be slower than anything 800 pounds unless is a tractor trailer or a T-Rex.

Speaking of speed, Usain Bolt is juicing. And so is all of the Jamaican athletes. They just got too good too fast. Outside of Asafa Powell, Jamaica hasn't had much of a history on the world stage. Now they are making the rest of the world look like they're running in mud. Bolt is not just breaking, but destroying records, including a record many track experts thought would stand for decades, Michael Johnson's 19.32 200m. There will be a Jamaican PED scandal before the next Olympics. And that is a prediction you can count on.

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  1. I agree with the JDB statement (DUMB, notice the capital letters, connotating just how DUMB a prediction that was) however, I disagree with the arguments against Vick's apparent futility. The man was a lightning in a bottle; admittedly this was two years ago. But I don't believe that you go from flash to trash in two years. Especially not when those two years are your 27th and 28th on this earth. The man is only 29! Anyways, I digress. I see no reason the Eagles can't use Vick like they use Westbrook or the way the Saint's use Reggie Bush. As a scatback, running outside the tackles, or catching passes out of the backfield, where he has room to do what he does best: make defenders backdrops in countless ESPN Top 10 highlights. And even if the Wildcat is a flash in the pan, that doesn't mean you can't run every other game. Sorry if I don't believe a QB who's just getting ready to open the season about what plays he's going to call. I think the Eagles will benefit from Vick, probably more than any other team could have...
    except for the offensive juggernaut Browns